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Words and Pictures II: Growing Up

Check out Words and Pictures Part I, about my early interest in the verbal and the pictorial. My family loved to read. As we reached high school, paperback books often went the rounds, with each reader initialing the inside cover. When the book had been read by everyone, it landed in a box by the […]

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Words and Pictures I: Childhood

Just so you know, any photo or visual art you see here is mine, unless otherwise indicated. Pictures are as essential to my creative work as words are. In fact, the two hold hands every step of the way. Let me explain: I’ve always struggled between the language of words and the language of pictures. […]

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Making it Real: Belletrista

Say you have a vision. Something original, exciting, and scary. Perhaps you want to do something new. I’m not talking about having toast instead of yogurt for breakfast; I’m talking about one of those ideas that tends to sit in the mind for a while, that thrills and terrifies, and then more often than not […]

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